Susan Dunbar

Shortly after starting as a polarity student in Marsha’s class in October of 1996, I received the shocking news that my 28 year old son Shane had died suddenly of a severe asthma attack. He was my favorite person on the planet. He had recently married and was living in San Francisco. During my last telephone conversation with him I had told him all about my first polarity class and my teacher Marsha. He thought it sounded so cool! After a week spent in California I returned to my life. I showed up for work each day and continued with polarity school but I was a robot going through the motion of life, shutting out all emotion in order to make it through each day. I have always believed that when life gets unbearable the universe supplies a safety net. Shane was my guide in spirit form and Marsha was my human safety net.

Marsha was aware of my situation and in spite of a busy teaching schedule and a full polarity practice she worked me into her schedule as openings occurred. I was such a shell of a human being and my insides were tangled in such a sorrowful web in hindsight it is hard to believe anyone could help. Somehow a channel of grace was opened during my polarity sessions with Marsha that were more than just comforting. A glimpse of a new life- a new identity was emerging. I had always known that spirits survived physical death but through my sessions I was given the great relief of knowing Shane was fine and still very much SHANE! On one occasion Marsha told me he was there – with skates on??? — and a uniform???? She did not understand. Later I explained that hockey had been a great passion of his and the newly remodeled ice arena at NYA where he played and spent so much time was being reopened in a special ceremony that afternoon. Evidently he was just stopping in on his way to the arena!

I continued going for polarity sessions every 2 weeks through 2002 when I gave my notice of early retirement from a very stressful job. I sold my house and many of my belongings and moved to northern Florida. I was ready to claim more joy in my life. And while it was difficult and daunting at times my inner joyful self pushed me on to complete the move. I have been in Florida for over 8 years now. My life is filled with peace and joy and light. I have had many long distance sessions with Marsha over the 8 years which have helped me to let old patterns no longer serving me to drop away.

To me Marsha Stultz is way more than teacher or polarity therapist. She is a powerful force merging with other powerful forces helping us all to evolve and align with the true love that is available to us all. There is great gratitude in my heart for Marsha Stultz. Shane is a pretty big fan also!