The definitions below come from over 25 years of experience as a healer and conscious channel. I have had the blessing and privilege to work with hundreds of clients, and students who have given me the opportunity to understand these energy systems on a very deep level.


The chakras are cone shaped vortexes where universal life force energy steps down into physical form through the ultrasonic core. The point or base of the cone shaped chakra is rooted into the ultrasonic core. The average person has about 8 charkas.

The first chakra, also called the root chakra is located between the legs coming down from the coccyx bone. This chakra reflects our experience of our basic survival: food, clothing, shelter, and survival of the species. It relates to the adrenal glands. This is about our personal power and safety. It is in the same location as the male reproductive organs.

The second chakra, also called the sacral chakra is located between the pubic bone and navel. This chakra reflects our experience of our emotions and our sexual energy, as well as our ability to be in the flow with life, including our resources, energy, and money.  This chakra also reflects our ability to nurture and receive nurturing. It reflects our creativity. It’s in the same location as the female reproductive organs. It relates to the ovaries and prostate gland.

The third chakra, also called the will center chakra is located between the solar plexus and the navel. When this chakra is healthy, it helps us to trust our truth and take action in the world. We can act on our inspiration from this chakra. When we don’t follow our inspiration we can feel tired and run down. It relates to the liver, adrenal glands, and pancreas.

The fourth chakra, I call the lower heart chakra, is the first of two heart chakras. It is located between the breasts. This is the place from which we love in a more tribal way, such as loving our mate, our children, and family biological or chosen. It reflects our relationship with “our clan,” the group of beings we know and feel connected to.

The fifth chakra, also a heart chakra, I call the high heart chakra, It is located at the thymus gland in the center of the breast bone. This heart chakra is a higher frequency of love, Divine Love. It’s the unconditional love that connects us with true Divine Oneness and with all Beings. It is from this place that we realize as one person heals, we all heal. Both heart chakras relate to the thymus gland which supports the immune system.

The sixth chakra, also called the throat chakra is located at the thyroid gland which affects the metabolism of the body. The sounds we make can clear all the other chakras.

The seventh chakra, also called the third eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead just above the brow line. This chakra activates our intuition and is the coming together of our intuition and intellect. It relates to the pineal gland.

The eighth chakra, also called the crown chakra is located at the crown of the head. This is our connection to Divine Source, our place of spiritual connectedness. It also relates to the pineal and pituitary glands.

The ninth through the thirteenth chakras are located one above the other over the crown chakra extending high into the cosmos. These chakras expand our interconnectedness to Divine Source and accelerate our evolution as light beings. They are not cone shaped but rather look like disks. All of the energy systems have the potential to evolve beyond these descriptions. The chakras have the potential to evolve into a spherical shape.

Ultrasonic core

Ultrasonic Core existed before the physical body and was the energy that the physical body formed around. All energy systems connect to the ultrasonic core. diameter than the spinal cord. Energy can flow down through it from the crown chakra and up through it from the root chakra.  All chakras are rooted with in it and it holds the spine and brainstem.


The aura, also called the human energy field is made up of fine vibrating particles of life force energy that create specific layers around the physical body that also reflex to each chakra. The layers of the aura respond to and reflect our world view, core emotions, and belief systems.

Energy clearing

An energy clearing Is a process of running a clear, healing and cleansing energy or vibratory light, through the chakras, Ultra sonic core, and the aura or human energy fields creating balance and a healthy vibrancy in the energy systems. In return this can help you to be in better balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Heart Lotus Activation

Heart Lotus Activation is a powerful intentional connection of the pineal gland and heart center ( the combination of the physical heart and heart chakras.).

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is in the center of the brain and is the size of a pea. It has been called the gateway gland, seat of the soul, the God gene, the third eye and the sixth sense. The pineal gland, part of the endocrine system, activates creativity, clairvoyance, psychic abilities and healing abilities. This gland produces melatonin, which produces serotonin. It is shaped like a pine cone and is sensitive to light. It has rods and cones inside its structure much as our eyes do. The pineal gland is filled with water, and has the greatest blood flow of any other gland in the body. It also holds the highest concentration of energy in the body for its size.


The heart is the first organ to develop in the human fetus. The heart is beating even before the brain is formed! The medical world pondered, “What intelligence initiates and then regulates the heartbeat, if the brain is yet undeveloped?” The HeartMath Institute, a research organization that studies the connection between the heart and the brain, has discovered that the heart actually has its own brain. There are around 40, 000 brain cells within the heart! The heart not only has brain cells, it has the largest electromagnetic field in the body, much greater than the electromagnetic field around the brain within the skull. The heart is our Divine genius. This validates those who for centuries have spoken of the intelligence of the heart.

The heart has one large toroidal magnetic field that holds a second, smaller toroidal magnetic field within itself. The heart’s toroidal field can be measured 8 to 12 feet from the body. And while the technology to measure greater distances has yet to be developed, some scientists speculate that this field may extend up to several miles away from the body.

Temple of the Heart Lotus

The Temple of the Heart Lotus is a sacred place that you create in your mind that is just for you to be with your non-physical Guides, Angels, Masters, Teachers, Power Animals and your I AM Presence (Divine Self). In this sacred place great transformation can happen as you bring your attention to that which you wish to be and align with in your life. This is a place where you can shed unwanted belief systems, thought forms and feelings that keep you stuck in a lower vibrational reality, causing you to feel stuck in your life. Here in the temple we will transcend those limiting realities and move to higher vibrational ways of thinking and feeling that are coherent, powerful, and magnetic calling to us better ways of living our lives that allow us to evolve into who we came here to be.