Healing Sessions

Marsha has studied many modalities and her private practice is an integration and synthesis of all that she has studied, learned, and experienced. While all these modalities have expanded her understanding of the healing process her work is constantly evolving. She is always exploring and learning to better facilitate evolution and healing in her sessions. She sees each session as an opportunity to co-create with her Loved Ones (clients) as they expand into higher expressions of their Divine Self. This journey creates an experience of freedom, authenticity, and self-love.

Purchase sessions online to be used in-person or via distance. $130 per 90-minute session.

90-minute healing sessions

A session with Marsha is about 90 minutes long. She will create a session designed especially for you. Each session is different and will change as your needs will vary. Marsha’s grace, presence, and humor create an environment that sets you at ease and opens your heart. She will choose what will best facilitate your evolution and use those specific tools. Her are just a few she may use:

  • Healing with color

  • Crystal paterens

  • Essential oils

  • Sound healing with crystal bowl, Atlantean wands, voice, and other sacred sound instruments

  • Sacred Geometry

Distance sessions

Marsha also offers distance healing sessions. You may use any of the following to connect form anywhere in the world:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • FaceTime

  • WhatsApp

Distance sessions are equally as power as in-person sessions. They are the same cost and generally the same amount of time.

Set up a session

Contact Marsha to set up a session: