Heart Lotus Method

A quantum leap in holographic healing

Heart Lotus Evolution is a revolutionary healing process, that helps you shift your reality, to transcend old patterns and have true paradigm shifts in thinking and feeling, enabling you to consciously create the life you want and deserve.

In my private practice as a healer, conscious channel, and teacher for over 25 years I have  learned so much from my guidance, my beautiful clients, and students. I have studied many healing modalities, and have had opportunities to study with brilliant visionaries, healers, and quantum scientists. All of which has culminated in the creation of my original work, Heart Lotus Evolution!

The concepts of Heart Lotus Evolution are holographic in nature, and once understood create an empowering experience of realizing we are the Master Creators of our inner and outer worlds. To do this we must become conscious. Most often we are creating from unconsciousness. Examples of this are such things as being driven by unconscious learned behaviors of self-criticism, self judgement, limiting belief systems, ancestral memories, as well as simply being so busy that we are no longer living in the present moment. When we realize this, we begin to understand that we are constantly creating our future from the past.

There are universal laws within the holographic Universe that we all must realize and integrate to become free. We create electromagnetically within a sea of infinite potentiality. This goes against everything we have ever been taught. To make this kind of shift and maintain it, we must think radically differently about everything. Heart Lotus Evolution is a paradigm shift in thinking, feeling, and consciousness. We become aware of our energy and consciously co-create what we desire, rather than be driven by what we fear.

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