Conscious channel, energy healer, and teacher


Through her private healing practice and other spiritual health services, Marsha Stultz provides clients with clarity, peace, joy, improved health and vitality, creativity, improved sleep patterns, a deeper relationship with their inner truth, and greater self-love and self-trust.

She integrates a multitude of modalities which continue to evolve over decades of expert practical experience: Polarity Therapy, RYSE, the Melchizedek Method, BioSignatures, Ho’Oponopono, BioGeometry, Sacred Geometry, color, sound, and more.

Marsha has given birth to a brilliant and powerful new healing modality called Heart Lotus Evolution, a revolutionary healing process, that helps you shift your reality, to transcend old patterns and have true paradigm shifts in thinking and feeling, enabling you to consciously create the life you want and deserve.

“Marsha Stultz is beyond special.”

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