Dr. Ronald Bissell

Marsha’s healing work now includes home harmonizing, and this is such an exciting aspect of her multi dimensional work that I have experienced. I am truly in a deeper level of personal healing now taking place in my own home! Marsha has equipped my home and grounds with a multi dimensional grid of divine light, and she has provided safe portals for my family to travel through to experience guidance and clarity from afar! There is an immediate awareness of being alive! I feel as though I wake up bathed in a greater understanding of purpose. My home and surrounding property are are becoming an energy healing center for my community. There is a passion to coming home to peace! It is through the portals of divine love that we are transported to inner peace and acceptance of ourselves, as well as others.

In receiving the light and healing that Marsha is providing to me and my loved ones, I receive an awareness of how to extend that light and healing to others. May her gifts become your gifts.

As a surgeon, I can say that Marsha has unique abilities in healing energy pathways as well as balancing those pathways to allow wellness and wholeness to occur. Her ways of practicing places the client in a very relaxed and safe place where re-alignment of pathways can occur. She has helped me personally to raise my pain threshold and reduce my chronic fatigue and pain.

Recently, she advised me to have my house treated to re-align the energy patterns around it was well and block the electromagnetic (EM) waves coming from computers and other electronic discharge from the electrical lines and household components.

She advised a layered approach which included wearing a personal pendant, placing small EM blockers in my electrical sockets and on my computer screens. She also placed similar devices in the ground at the periphery of my house lot. She took samples of all fabrics and rugs and balanced their energy patterns as well and placing an EM blocker in my electric car. A Portal was placed in my home surrounding my desk and computer which has allowed me to concentrate on writing (which I have not been able to do for the past 10 years) and to focus on my work instead of my focus drifting away.

As I mentioned, prior to the installation of the layered system I was unable to concentrate for any length of time and had difficulty in focusing my mind on any one topic. Since the installation my ability to concentrate has improved and I can now spend more time writing and can focus on my work. As a disabled person who loved to write (books and articles about self healing and ways to enhance their spiritual lives) being able to write and to focus again has made a huge difference in my life’s journey.My wife and myself now live in an atmosphere that is both calming and peaceful. Both of us recognize the contribution Marsha has made to the betterment of our surroundings and our lives and are extremely grateful for her being in our lives. Her ethics as a practitioner as well as her substantial skills allows me to recommend her highly.”