Conscious channel, energy healer, and teacher

Through her private healing practice and other spiritual health services, Marsha Stultz provides clients with clarity, peace, joy, improved health and vitality, creativity, improved sleep patterns, a deeper relationship with their inner truth, and greater self-love and self-trust . She integrates a multitude of modalities which continue to evolve over decades of expert practical experience: Polarity Therapy, RYSE, the Melchizedek Method, BioSignatures, Ho’Oponopono, BioGeometry, Sacred Geometry, color, sound, and more.

“Marsha Stultz is beyond special.”
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Marsha beautifully holds and blesses the space for me to get out of my head and into my Spirit. I am grateful for our shared laughter and curiosity, and for Marsha’s healing presence and guidance in realms both mysterious and familiar. I have referred both friends and family members and delight in hearing the excitement as others also come to appreciate the healing, strength, and hope that comes through working with Marsha.

Mary Duggin

I have had the great privilege to work with Marsha for 5 years, through several major evolutions of my life. I leave sessions feeling stronger, more grounded, reconnected to my purpose for being here, reassured that there is love and kindness available to me even when I can’t “see” it. She helps me to breathe through Life’s challenges and trust that there is benevolence ahead of me, behind me, with me at all times. It is through my work with Marsha that I can step back, recognize and honor my spiritual journey that is unfolding through the bustle of daily living. Her expansive spirit and her clear and generous presence inspire me as a fellow “helping” professional.”

Sarah Jorden

“Through Marsha, the Universe has gifted me with extraordinary blessings: guidance, inspiration, comfort, support, clarity and healing. She has created a powerful, nurturing sacred space which has been invaluable to my spiritual growth. I am deeply grateful to have such a compassionate, loving teacher.”

Cheryl Toth