Meditation Series

Marsha will guide a 30-minute meditation live each Monday morning, via private Facebook group. Video of each session will be accessible to all active subscribers after the live event.

Each Monday, Marsha will take you through a powerful energy clearing, and then into the temple of the Heart Lotus to heal, evolve, or birth a part of yourself in a loving, nurturing way.

Monthly subscriptions are available for $19.99/month and will auto-renew. You may cancel at anytime.

Sample video:

Please enjoy this free video. It is a small taste of what the Heart Lotus Meditation series will have to offer. This free meditation is about 15 minutes long, so a little bit shorter that the meditations in the series will be. If you like this please subscribe and tune in every week! Thank you.

More information:

Heart Lotus Meditation is an online weekly meditation practice. Each meditation will start with the calling in of your Highest Guides, Angels, Masters, Teachers, Power Animals, I AM Presence, and Unity Consciousness. We will then call forth a beautiful energy clearing, focusing on the chakras, ultrasonic core and aura, then the activation of the heart lotus. Once we have activated the heart lotus, we will enter the Temple of the Heart Lotus. This is a sacred place that you create in your mind that is just for you, and your non-physical Guides, Angels, Masters, Teachers Power animals. Once in temple, there will be different focus each week to support us to take our evolution to new places of healing and become more who we are meant to be.

Some of the issues we will focus on in the temple will be: how to feel more empowered, being more creative, trusting our gut and strengthening our intuition, deepening our self-love, healing wounded inner aspects of self, going to new heights in aligning with our integrity, deepening our understanding of our true path, deepening our compassing, aligning with solutions and much more…

Each meditation will be 30 minutes long. You can join me live Monday mornings at 7:00 am EST or watch it whenever you feel so inspired. Each Monday will be a different meditation. All meditations will be archived so the longer you subscribe the more meditations you’ll have access to. At the beginning of each Meditation I will suggest an essential oil to pair with the specific topic of each meditation. The oils I use are doTerra. This is only for an added boost and not at all necessary for a full experience of the meditation.

Some of the many benefits of meditation:

  • Relieves physical and mental stress and fatigue

  • Increases memory and learning

  • Increases creativity and problem-solving abilities

  • Slows the aging process

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Calms the body and mind

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Greater sense of peace

  • Increases ability to respond rather than react to people and situations

What People are saying about Heart Lotus Meditation Series

It’s hard to put into words the sense of peace and wellbeing in which I am enveloped after these meditations. Marsha’s gentle, guided wisdom is transformative in ways I have never before experienced. Something significant is shifting within and around me. This is what I have so sorely missed in my urgency to help heal our world. This is it!!! - Michaela T. Loisel

Marsha is a master teacher and healer. Her expertise in her Heart Lotus Meditations Series guides us to release and heal complicated patterns that unattended, keep us stuck or paralyzed, in unhealthy patterns. Through her complex understanding of energy, and the holographic nature of the healing matrix, she helps us to heal and be free. Marsha’s gentle, supportive and loving guidance leads us to a place of healing that is multidimensional. Simply put She helps us heal ourselves which is how we heal humanity. ­ - Alicia Lewis

It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day to day goings on and forget about yourself. Look no further! Marsha’s Heart Lotus Meditation Series is like having a private coach giving you amazing, gentle and inspiring guided vision into your true self, healing and evolving you all along the way. This is how I make time for myself where I can grow and evolve in peace and love. Join Me! - Lena Rose Knight

I have been enjoying Marsha’s weekly meditations sense day one. The convenience of being able to access them anytime, any day is perfect for my busy schedule. Pairing them with doTERRA Essential oils always seems to deepen the experience.  ­- Beth Koehler

I just love Monday mornings now. 7.00am Heart Lotus Meditation Series with Marsha starts my week off in a beautiful way. I feel like I’m in the room with her and she is speaking to me. Each meditation has guided me to exactly where I need to be for that day! The Journey in to the temple of the Heart Lotus is so powerful and comforting. I love that through these meditations, Marsha’s soothing voice, guidance, inspiration and essence is available when I ever I want it! - Mary Ann Rateree